Three Common Holiday Plumbing Problems You May Face


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Whether it’s Thanksgiving, a Christmas party, Hanukah gathering, or any other celebration, the holidays are a busy time. But did you know just how much stress they can add to your plumbing system? Many people don’t realize it, but the day after Thanksgiving is one of the busiest days of the year for plumbers as well as retailers looking to capitalize on Black Friday. There are a lot of ways in which hosting a holiday could lead to extra strain on your plumbing, with your drains being particularly prone to experiencing issues from your holiday celebrations.

How to Combat Extra Strain on Your Plumbing During the Holidays

Here are three ways your plumbing could be impacted by the holidays and what you can do about it!

Kitchen Drains

Kitchen drains are the most common problem we’re called to resolve after the plumbing holiday. Thanksgiving usually involves a huge meal, and huge meals mean lots of leftovers and lots of food waste that needs to be disposed of. A garbage disposal is a safe and sanitary way to dispose of many types of foods, but they aren’t designed to handle everything. Solid foods like eggshells or coffee grounds, stringy foods like asparagus, or fatty foods like turkey grease, or starchy foods like mashed potatoes can all contribute to the development of a clog, and a clog behind your garbage disposal can be a real nuisance to get rid of.

Bathroom Drains

If you host people for a holiday celebration, they’re going to have to use your restroom. If they have to use your restroom, your plumbing is going to feel the strain. When a lot of people have to use your restroom, your plumbing is really going to feel the burden from the extra usage. It’s not uncommon for toilets to clog up, sinks to back up, and showers and bathtubs to experience issues with their drainage over this holiday. The latter is especially true if you’re having guests stay with you for several days over the Thanksgiving holiday as well.

Sewer Lines

In some cases, the clogs in your drains may not necessarily be localized to just one drain, but to the entire system as a whole. A main sewer line clog can be a serious issue, impacting every single one of your home’s drains and slowing them all to a crawl, or even a complete standstill. A clogged sewer line used to be an absolute nightmare for homeowners, but the good news is that today the issue can be resolved in a matter of just a few hours thanks to a new technology known as “hydrojetting.” This low-cost solution doesn’t require any upheaval of your property, no digging out old pipes, and costs only a tiny fraction of what a main sewer line replacement would.

Holiday Drain Cleaning Specials

At Good Guy Plumbing, we understand that holiday plumbing problems are not all that uncommon, and we’re here to make getting them resolved a little bit easier. If your drains have experienced an issue over the holiday, we can get them cleared and moving again in no time, and at a special price!

Got a drain clog? Whether it’s your bathroom sink or in your kitchen behind your garbage disposal, we can come out and get the clog cleaned, cleared, and removed entirely with our $99 drain cleaning special*!

If you’ve got a major problem in your main sewer line, we can offer our hydrojetting service at the best price yet! Make sure your sewer line is clean and clogs and obstructions are removed for just $485*—that’s a full $100 off the normal price! No more having to dig up your yard to replace a clogged main sewer line—hydrojetting can get rid of the issue quickly and effectively!

Got a different plumbing problem? We’re happy to help you with that as well! As always, first-time customers who book with us will receive 10 percent off their first service, up to a maximum of $150!

Schedule your appointment by calling the Torrance plumbing experts at Good Guy Plumbing! Dial (310) 879-5509 now or contact us online today.

*Our holiday drain cleaning specials are contingent on having proper sewer line clean-out access.

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